Smart Workplace Charging

Workplace solutions for employee's with EVs

Workplace solutions for employee's with EVs

To help accelerate Ireland's transition to ultra-low emission vehicles, ParkNRecharge is a smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solution designed by Hubeleon specifically with business users in mind. Providing workplace charging can effectively double the range of a pure electric vehicle and therefore can significantly increase the potential number of zero emission drivers at any business

For EV drivers with ParknRecharge workplace chargers you can apply for RFID access cards to use the chargepoints, for companies looking to install chargepoints we can advise you on the installation, options and costs. We will help you get the best value solution advising where best to site chargers and our parent company Carra Ireland can manage the full installation for you.

Hubeleon Workplace is a solution for charging EVs at workplaces. We take care of access control, utilisation and revenue collection so an employer can encourage EV adoption, switch fleets to pure EV or plug in hybrids safe in the knowledge the energy is being paid for and they have tax and employee benefits correctly managed.


  • Scalable charging system that can grow with your EV fleet - connect additional chargepoints as you need them
  • Incorporates the latest vehicle 2 grid technology for smart charging and management
  • Easy accounting/billing as each driver's energy usage is logged and reported real-time to the user and charging manager - Energy reporting can be linked to Crowd Charge at home to give full visibility of electricity costs
  • Generates monthly or annual reports, itemising the energy used by employee
  • True CO2 reporting based on the actual energy mix supplied to fuel the vehicles
  • "Over the air" hassle-free remote management and maintenance
  • Universal vehicle connection - With its adaptable connector, the complete range of pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, including the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, VW Golf GTE, BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf, can be charged with the system

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