What is ParknRecharge?
ParkNRecharge is a smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solution designed by Hubeleon. Specifically we provide workplace charging points for businesses and membership cards to access the chargers to their employees.
How do I get my employer to fit chargepoints?
Mention the benefits that fitting EV Charging points would bring to your company. Such as expanding employee recruitment and retention, furthering sustainability goals, enhancing employee satisfaction and demonstrating leadership in clean transportation technologies.
Suggest they contact us on T: +353 1 832 3955 or support@parknrecharge.net to speak to a member of our sales team.
How do I join ParknRecharge?
If you have permission to use your company charging points, complete this registration form and pay €50 to join ParknRecharge.
I've lost my card, help what do I do?
Register that you have lost your membership card and order a replacement for €20
I’ve received my ParknRecharge card, do I need to activate it?
No, your membership card is activated upon dispatch. Simply place your card on your workplace's available charging point and start a charge cycle.
How do I use a charging point?
  • Ensure that the electric vehicle is parked in a position that makes it easy to insert the connector
  • Give the charge point some time to register your access card after you present it to the reader
  • Use the same card to start and stop the charging session
  • Make sure that the cables are connected properly to the charge point and the car before calling the help centre
  • Ensure your charging timer is turned off before you start charging (if applicable to your car)
  • Charge up and move on – only occupy a charging spot while your car is being charged
  • If your charging session is completed – whether when your battery is full or when you have adequate range to comfortably reach your destination – unplug and move your car, making way for a fellow plug-in driver
How do I report faults?
Report any faults to our Customer Service team on +353 1 832 3955 or support@parknrecharge.net