Apply for RFID cards

Please use the form below to apply for an RFID card to access ParknRecharge charge points.

Joining ParknRecharge costs £25, once you fill out the application form below you will be directed to our secure payment portal where you can pay with credit or debit card (or through your PayPal account if you prefer). This is a yearly fee which pays for your RFID card and the setup of your account with your charge points.

The following information provided will be shared with your employer to authenticate application. Name, Staff ID number, Vehicle Registration, Make, Model, onboard charger size.

Hubeleon will use the supplied information to contact you about your application including renewals.

Hubeleon will not share this information with any 3rd Party organisations, excepting the information agreed to supply to your employer. Payments made with this application may not be refunded. Please ensure that you are entitled to use the charging facilities at this premises.

I agree to the above terms and conditions.