EV Charging point owners

We’ve lost an access card, what do we do?
Report it lost via the portal login or via our customer support team. The card will then be blocked.
Do ParknRecharge provide charging cables?
No, however we can place you in contact with a recommended supplier. Normally however the electric vehicle owner will have their own cable.
Can someone steal the charging cable from the charger?
No, a pin mechanism locks the cable in place. Only the user who began the charging event can end the charging event and unlock the cable.
Is graffiti or user damage covered by my warranty?
Unfortunately cosmetic rectification works are not covered by your warranty. Should your charging points be damaged in this way please contact our customer support team and they will quote you for the repair.
We have other charging points at different locations, can these be added to ParknRecharge?
Our management system supports ABB, ABL, CirControl eVolt, DBT Delta, EBG Compleo, Efacec, Etrel, EC Charging, Mennekes and Schneider EV Link range. As the post owner just let your current CPMS provider know that you wish to change providers and we will sort out the rest.